Sponsor Doc: Researching Prospective Sponsors

I have asked my intern to research prospective sponsors, but so far, when I’ve assigned this task, I find that my staff doesn’t understand what I’m looking for, so it hasn’t been very helpful.

I was wondering before I re-invent the wheel of coming up with a “research template,” if you had any advice or anything you could share regarding where to start when doing sponsor research. Any insight you can provide would be incredibly helpful.

A blank white sheet of paper… I know the feeling when you are putting together a list of sponsor prospects for the first time. It can be quite daunting! But I have found there are some effective ways to develop and research sponsor leads lists.

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With more than three decades in sponsorship sales and consultation, Bruce Erley, CSG President & CEO acts as “The Sponsor Doc” in a quarterly column published by the International Festival & Events Association’s “i.e.: the business of international events” magazine.

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