Sponsor Doc: Marijuana Sponsorship – Picking Your Way Through the Weeds

Medical marijuana was recently legalized in Arizona and our organization was approached by a cannabis dispensary about sponsoring a concert we are producing. Before I take this generous offer to my board for discussion, can you provide any insights you might have about the highs (Sorry, I couldn’t resist) and lows of marijuana sponsorship?

Medical and recreational marijuana have been legal in Colorado for more than three years. While I for one did not vote for this change to our state constitution, nor do I support it personally, it is the law of the land and has become big business, pumping billions of dollars into the economy.

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With more than three decades in sponsorship sales and consultation, Bruce Erley, CSG President & CEO acts as “The Sponsor Doc” in a quarterly column published by the International Festival & Events Association’s “i.e.: the business of international events” magazine.

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