Sponsor Doc: The Survey Says…

In our effort to keep CSG the regional thought leader in sponsorship during these extraordinary times, we recently completed a survey of 100 key sponsorship decision-makers across the Denver metro area. Our goal was to get a sense of how companies are responding to the pandemic from a sponsorship perspective and to get some indication of what they anticipate in … Read More

Sponsor Doc: And The Gold Pinnacle Award For…

Best Covid Sponsor Cancellation Goes To… These continue to be remarkable times for all of us in the festivals and events sector. Our worlds have been turned upside down leaving us with more professional uncertainty than ever before. Who could have ever predicted so many beloved events, large and small, would be cancelled? As we pass through the various stages … Read More

Sponsor Doc: Perspective and Advice

I wanted to put to use my 40+ years of experience in the festival and special events world, having weathered a number of very difficult periods from 9/11 to the Great Recession, to provide some perspective and advice to you as to how we all might respond to these difficult circumstances. During this “wait and see” period, communicate consistently and … Read More

Sponsor Doc: Yes, Sponsor Sales Is Hard

I’ve just received yet another decline on one of my sponsorship proposals that I was pretty sure was going to be a yes. Recently it seems, I have been through a rash of rejections and I’m questioning my ability. I know intellectually that sales are a two-sided process and that I shouldn’t take “no’s” personally, but emotionally, I have to … Read More

Sponsor Doc: Marijuana Sponsorship – Picking Your Way Through the Weeds

Medical marijuana was recently legalized in Arizona and our organization was approached by a cannabis dispensary about sponsoring a concert we are producing. Before I take this generous offer to my board for discussion, can you provide any insights you might have about the highs (Sorry, I couldn’t resist) and lows of marijuana sponsorship? Medical and recreational marijuana have been … Read More

Best Practices: Adding Sponsorship Value

Properties need to go the extra mile to secure new partners and maintain long-term relationships. While every property defines “adding value” differently, every definition largely boils down to one common theme: going the extra mile to give sponsors—and potential partners—something extra. That can include everything from giving sponsors additional inventory at no cost to making sure an activation program resonates … Read More

Sponsor Doc: Researching Prospective Sponsors

I have asked my intern to research prospective sponsors, but so far, when I’ve assigned this task, I find that my staff doesn’t understand what I’m looking for, so it hasn’t been very helpful. I was wondering before I re-invent the wheel of coming up with a “research template,” if you had any advice or anything you could share regarding … Read More

Sponsor Doc: Renewals: The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

We are beginning to work on our sponsorship renewals for 2018 and I am hoping you can provide some tips that will help me with closing our deals? To most people, autumn means falling leaves, Spiced Pumpkin Lattes at Starbucks and family outings to the nearby pumpkin patch. To the person responsible for sponsor sales, it means renewal time. Click … Read More

Sponsor Doc: New technology to help sponsorship sales

  You mentioned in your last column that you have come across some new technology that might help in sponsorship sales. Can you share some of your discoveries? Over the just past year, we have come across several technologies that we are really excited about. The most useful ones are those that provide solutions to some of our most daunting … Read More