CSG’s President & CEO, Bruce Erley’s career & achievements highlighted in the Broomfield Enterprise

Bruce Erley’s office mirrors his personality — colorful, creative. And its filled with memories…

The events that add up to three decades of memories for Erley haven’t gone unnoticed outside of his office, either. Erley, a longtime Broomfield resident, on Monday will be inducted into the IFEA Hall of Fame during the its 60th annual convention and expo in Tucson, Ariz. He will join 55 other professionals who have been recognized by the association in the past 24 years. IFEA recognizes outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to the festival and events industry “through their exceptional work and achievements” and have made a difference in the communities they serve, said Creative Strategies’ vice president of communications Jeannie McFarland Johnson.

Erley’s philosophy on creating a successful event is to connect people to the event they’re attending and to provide them with a “deep wired” memory, he said. While he noted some might prefer the promotions and organization side of events, he loves his work in sponsorships to help organizations create those experiences.

“I believe festivals and events connect people in a community like nothing else,” he said. “You’re creating experiences for people. Great events engage people, and, this is key, they create memories.”

Erley said the Hall of Fame induction is a “tremendous honor,” and at age 61, he’s nowhere near retiring. He’s having too much fun “Why would I stop doing that?” Erley said.

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