CSG founder and agency principal Bruce Erley is a highly sought after presenter on sponsorship, experiential marketing and other related topics. Inducted into the Hall of Fame of the International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA) for his pioneering and leadership in the field of sponsorship, there are few industry speakers with his breath of experience.  

Annually, he speaks at more than a dozen events including conventions, conferences, symposiums, professional development seminars and institutions of higher education. Erley is considered by the IFEA and International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) to be one of their top presenters on sponsorship topics for the events industry. A selection of recent presentations include:

  • International Council of Air Shows (Annual conference)
  • Pasadena Tournament of Rose Sponsor Clinic
  • International Festivals & Events Association Annual Convention
  • Power Sponsorship Conference – Singapore
  • IFEA Europe – Vienna, Austria
  • Texas Yes! Workshops – Multiple locations, Texas
  • Hawaii Tourism Authority Event Workshops – Multiple locations, Hawaii
  • Festivals & Events – Ontario, Toronto
  • China International Festivals & Events Symposium – Beijing

Erley’s presentations are well defined and organized and clearly outlined for handouts and PowerPoint. Yet, his speaking style is extemporaneous, providing many different examples and anecdotes that speak to the interests and level of knowledge of his audience. He is highly interactive and encourages questions, challenges, ideas or problems that are discussed and solved “real time.” Erley knows firsthand that a great presenter needs to provide a degree of humor and entertainment along with the information they want to convey. His audiences have a great deal of fun as well as leave with actionable skills and ideas which they can apply on the job the next day.

Erley has prepared presentations on dozens of different topics, but can create custom presentations on topics requested by various groups. Some of the his more popular topics include:

Professional Development Workshops (Full-day workshops)

Mastering Sponsor Sales (CFEE Certified)

  • Conducting a Property Audit
  • Packaging and valuing sponsor rights & benefits
  • Creating proposals that sell
  • Sponsorship fulfillment & service

Cooking-Up Great Events (Step-by-step approach to creating events)

  • Key questions to ask before creating a new event
  • Putting it all together
  • Event revenue streams
  • Selling corporate sponsorship

Keynote Presentations

  • The Future of Festivals in a Virtual World
  • Sponsorship Foul-Ups, Bloopers & Practical Jokes

Seminars and Breakout Sessions

  • ABCs of Sponsorship – A Sponsorship Primer
  • Activating Sponsorship
  • Event Marketing on a Shoestring Budget
  • Fantastic Voyage into a Sponsor’s Mind
  • Harnessing the Power of Relationships
  • Proposals that Sell!
  • Revitalizing Association Sponsorship
  • Strategies for Superlative Sponsor Service
  • Surviving the Trauma of Transistion in Executive Leadership

Seminars for Corporate Sponsors

  • Selecting Sponsorship Properties
  • Measuring Sponsorship ROI
  • Phases of Sponsorship Management
  • Developing Activation Strategies