A Holistic Approach to Building Audience

You can plan the greatest event in the world, but if no one attends it, did it ever really exist? At CSG, our Marketing and Media team is here to make sure that your big ideas not only get off the ground, but reach incredible heights! We’ll work with you to craft a marketing plan that addresses your goals in ways that are unique to your specific event. From advertising development to budgeting, ad buying, and PR, our mission is to maximize the amount of exposure and support your event receives.

When you work with CSG, you’ll have access to a team of professionals who specialize in establishing media partnerships that bring out the best in your event. From print publications, digital marketing, broadcast stations, and outdoor billboard companies, we have contacts in every area to ensure we’re able to cover all the bases. Whether that means developing unique ways to build up excitement around your event or identifying different revenue opportunities, we’ve refined how we help our clients gain corporate sponsors and reach their target audience.

Media Development

Because CSG has contacts within every level of the media industry, we’re able to help our clients achieve more without having to exhaust efforts. Whether we’re coordinating publicity work, soliciting media partners, negotiating to ensure that ad buying is cost-efficient or that advertising is placed for the greatest reach, our team of marketing professionals provides services to cover all your needs!

Ad Planning

From market research to securing media placements, we understand that an event’s success lies within a well-developed advertising campaign. We offer experienced ad planning services which includes budgeting, monitoring of placement schedules, and making sure you meet production deadlines to ensure you maximize the reach of your advertising efforts.

Creative Development & Copywriting

What you have to say is just as important as how you say it! Our team is able to produce original, creative, and engaging content that intrigues both your target market and your sponsors. By creating a unique voice for your marketing materials, we’re able to create an opportunity for your event to make a great impact for its sponsors and the community!

Public Relations

PR is all about getting the word out about your event, to those who can’t wait to attend but also to those who didn’t even know they wanted to attend! At CSG, our PR experts know what it takes to get the word out — we know where, when, and how to publicize your event. We have the experience to know how to reach the most people in the most effective way. No matter what kind of event you are planning, the PR experts at CSG know how to tell the world!