CSG is here to help both the sponsor and the property identify their key objectives and deliverables resulting from their partnership that increase the value to both parties. A truly successful event is one where the sponsor is engaged with the audience, not some separate entity that’s detached from the whole event.

Our team of creative minds will assemble unique and effective activation activities that aim to generate the best ROI for sponsors. CSG understands that in order to help sponsors generate long-term clients from supporting events and properties gain recognition for their event, activation is crucial. Through various services such as value analysis and review of available assets to promotional management and staff training, we’ll help you create activation and field promotions that produce results!

Sponsorship Activation

We first begin by reviewing existing properties whose offers best match your needs. After we’ve selected the ideal candidate and made negotiations with the property, we’re ready for the next phase of activation. From analyzing granted benefits and marketing activities to creating promotional strategies, CSG works with sponsors every step of the way!

Field Promotions

In order to ensure sponsors have peace of mind regarding how they’re represented, we implement quality assurance management from the very beginning. This includes hosting workshops to train staff members, performing onsite inspections as well as promotions, and holding the property accountable for fulfilling their contracted benefits. By event’s end we’ll provide a comprehensive overview and how to improve future sponsorships.