Cherry Creek Arts Festival

July 3-5, 2020 
Cherry Creek North
Denver, Colorado

Cherry Creek Arts Festival: America’s Most Honored Arts Festival

Celebrating its 28th year, the Cherry Creek Arts Festival (CCAF), located in Denver’s chic Cherry Creek North District, is recognized as Colorado’s signature cultural event and America’s Most Honored Arts Festival. The CCAF garners recognition and respect at the local, state, regional, national and world-level within the production, marketing and sponsorship arenas. In 2013 for an unprecedented fifth time, CCAF received the Gold Grand Pinnacle from the International Festivals & Events Association, distinguishing it as the top festival in its budget class worldwide.

Working in a variety of mediums - including paint, drawing, photography, fiber, ceramics, glass, wood, sculpture, metal works, jewelry, graphics / printmaking and mixed media – the Festival is one of the most competitive shows for artists to apply for jury in the United States. An average of 2,000+ artists apply for 260 annual spots. The artists generally come from 40 states and several countries. The high application numbers are attributed to multiple factors -- historically very high art sales potential (estimated $3.2 million in gross sales for 2017 artists / $12,500 average sales per artist), consistent top-ten national rankings by independent artist publications, and CCAF’s reputation for on-site artist amenities and hospitality.

And that’s just the beginning. For the 325,000+ annual attendees of the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, viewing and buying art is just one of the activities from a colorful palette of things to see and do. Music and dance emanate from the main performance stage. Performance artists can be discovered coming down the streets throughout the weekend, surprising and delighting Festival goers. For those who want to get their hands messy, self-expression is alive and well in the Festival’s “Artivity Avenue” or “Art Experience” tent for young and old alike.For those who want to satisfy their senses of taste and smell, the Festival’s food and beverage area features top notch restaurants which sample some of the region’s finest gastronomic offerings. The Cherry Creek Arts Festival (CCAF) is the signature event of CherryArts, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to provide access to a broad array of arts experiences and support arts education in Colorado.

A Quick Sketch of the Whole Picture

  • Top-Rated Arts Festival in the United States 
  • Averaging 325,000+ attendees, ranked as one of region’s top non-venue attractions by the Denver Business Journal & The Wall Street Journal
  • Highly sought after upper tier attendee demographics (See addendum)
  • $600,000+ promotional advertising campaign provided by media partners including The Denver Post, K*USA & The Networks of 9NEWS, Entercom Denver radio station cluster, plus Colorado Homes & Lifestyles, Mountain Living and Colorado Biz magazines
  • A professionally managed public relations and social media program generated more than 142 placements with 46 million impressions valued at $300,000 in earned media 
  • Numerous assets create proprietary naming opportunities for sponsors as well as extensive opportunities for sponsor cross-promotions, extensions and activation

A Blue Chip Sponsorship Opportunity

Creating positive, interactive brand experiences is the cornerstone of any sponsorship opportunity. Festival sponsors will have the unique opportunity to create consumer experiences while building affinity with a highly desirable audience. Sponsorship includes complete category exclusivity and provides numerous means in partnership with the Cherry Creek Arts Festival to create awareness and visibility, support your brand, increase sales and entertain clients. The summary on the following page provides a general overview of sponsorship levels. Special proposal will be presented upon request

Sponsorship Levels

Title Sponsor (1)

This single, exclusive, top-level sponsor of the Cherry Creek Arts Festival will receive universal event-wide exclusive rights including complete above-the-name Presenting recognition, (e.g. “Your Company presents the Cherry Creek Arts Festival”) in all event promotional advertising and collateral materials, extensive event signage and hospitality benefits, plus name integration of one of the Festival’s top assets.

Presenting Sponsor (3)

These three to four top-level sponsors will receive universal marquee billing below-the-name recognition, (e.g. “Title Sponsor presents the Cherry Creek Arts Festival sponsored by Your Company) in all event promotional advertising and collateral materials, extensive event signage sampling rights and hospitality benefits, plus name integration of one of the Festival’s top assets.

Associate Sponsor (8)

These program or venue level sponsors will receive Associate recognition in all print advertising and collateral materials, some event signage, on site sampling and hospitality benefits, plus name integration of one of the Festival’s secondary assets.

Supporting Sponsor (10)

These lower-level program or venue level sponsors will receive Supporting recognition in collateral materials, some event signage, on site sampling and hospitality benefits, plus name integration of one of the Festival’s tertiary assets.

Contributing Sponsor (12)

These lower-level program or venue sponsors will receive Contributing recognition in select collateral materials, some event signage, and hospitality benefits, plus name integration of one of the Festival’s tertiary assets.


Cherry Creek Arts Festival Attendee Profile

For the savvy marketer, the Cherry Creek Arts Festival provides an attractive audience representing highly desirable demographic and lifestyle traits. The Festival conducted two attendee surveys, by independent research firms. In 2016, 3,109 respondents participated in a self-selected survey from BGV Marketing and 475 in the random sample with 95% confidence level by Corona Insights. They reflected a profile of a highly desirable attendee who is between 25 and 64 years old, with an average annual household income of $100,000+, are highly educated, homeowners and most appreciative andreceptive to the sponsors of the Festival.

Gender: Festival attendees are evenly represented with women comprising 62% and males comprising 38% of visitors.

Marital Status: Of those attending the Festival 44% are married, 43% are single and 13% report they have partners or significant others.

Age: 74% of the visitors to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival are between the ages of 25 and 64. A closer look at this sought after group reveals that 4% of attendees are 18 or younger; 14% are 18-24; 24% are 25-34; 16% are 35-44; 19% are 45-54; 15% are 55-64; and 8% are 65 or older.

Income: Household income levels of the Festival attendees are significantly higher than the average household income in the Denver Metro area with a large percentage of attendees (36%) reporting a household income exceeding $100,000. The breakdown on household income includes: 22% of attendees report an annual income of $125,000 or greater; 14% earn $100,000 - $124,999; 16% earn $70,000 - $99,999; 18% earn $50,000 to $69,999; 31% earn less than $55,000 annually.

Residence: Of those attending the Festival, 58%own their homes and 42% rent.

Education: Festival attendees are much more likely to have a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree or PhD/Professional Degree than the Denver Metro area’s average population. 70% of the people surveyed earned at least a bachelor degree. Of that group, 33% have a masters or other graduate degree.

Occupation: The majority of festival attendees are executives, professionals or business owners. 45% of respondents indicated that their occupation best fit into the management professional category; 8% are business owners; 10% are retirees; 9% in service sector; 7% in education; 6% in management; 3% are CEOs and 8% students.

Sponsors: Partnering with CCAF has a positive impact on attitudes and future patronage for sponsors. 19% reported that their impression of the sponsor was significantly improved as a result of their participation; 28% said it was somewhat improved and 50% said it stayed the same. Further festival sponsors received a 21-36% awareness recall.

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For more information, contact exclusive sponsorship representative:
Sally Croker

Director, Corporate Partnerships
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