Event Promotion & Marketing

CowParade Denver As the event organizer for CowParade Denver, CSG worked with many agencies to create an award winning advertising and marketing campaign. Collateral produced is listed below. Grazing Guide To kick-off CowParade, CSG printed 150,000 “Grazing Guides,” a 24 page, four-color, glossy digest size (4.375” x 8.375”) document.  The Denver Newspaper Agency inserted 100,000 […]


Media Buying/Media Partnerships

International Sportsmen’s Exposition – Denver 2007 CSG has worked with the International Sportsmen’s Expo as their media buyer/ partner for several years. Creative Strategies Group identifies and secures media sponsors/promotional partners for the expo that leverage advertising buys with promotional advertising and other value-added support in exchange for sponsorship benefits. From 2004 through 2007, the […]


Property Audits/Sponsor Blueprints

This section being updated. Please check back later for some of CSG’s real success stories!


Street Teams

Denver Zoo Promotions & Activation Awarded a Silver for the Best New Promotion at the 2012 IFEA/ Haas & Wilkerson Pinnacle Awards Competition. Creative Strategies Group’s “Zoo Crew” is a team of Brand Ambassadors who represented the Denver Zoo and the Toyota Elephant Passage at several event engagements throughout Summer 2012. They attended some of […]


Sponsorship Management

Ironman – Janus Sponsorship Management The diversity, drive and commitment of athletes are exactly what attracted Janus to the Ironman 7 years ago. Today, Janus is the presenting sponsor for the continental, full-distance U.S. races, as well as a major sponsor of the Ford World Championship race in Kona, HI. While the connection between this […]


Sponsorship Activation

Pinnacle-Award winning Stapleton Last Round Up Below is the document CSG submitted to the IFEA/Festival Media Association Sponsorship Success Awards. CSG received a bronze award in this category, behind the Borderfest Association and the Kentucky Derby. In the summer of 2006, Creative Strategies Group produced the Denver, Cow-lorado appearance of CowParade.  CowParade is the largest […]


CSG Creative Services

Sill-TerHar Motors – Volvo Creative Campaign CSG developed a marketing plan for Sill-TerHar Motors in Broomfield, CO with strategies to increase Volvo’s sales share in the Boulder County area utilizing a partnership between Alan and Shayne Culpepper, both Olympic athletes, and Volvo. CSG created an overall strategy for the effective utilization of the Culpepper endorsement, […]