Interested in Denver Sponsorship Opportunities?

Event Sponsorship Opportunities in Denver Creative Strategies Group (CSG) was founded in 1995 as a full-service sponsorship and event marketing agency in Denver, Colorado. We use a unique blend of innovation and strategic thinking to help both event producers and sponsors develop and implement effective event marketing opportunities. We consult with event producers to help identify their unique assets and … Read More

Signal Strength… Building Trusted Media Relationships

Signal Strength…. Building Trusted Media Relationships Presented by CSG’s Vice President, Communications Jeannie McFarland Johnson Jeannie McFarland Johnson has worked in the event marketing field for more than a dozen years creating dynamic and effective relationships for her clients with all types of media outlets including television stations, radio clusters, newspapers, magazines, outdoor advertising companies and new media digital assets. … Read More

CSG Wins Pinnacle Awards 2013

CSG is honored to accept Nine Pinnacle awards from the 58th Annual International Festival & Events Association Conference. The 2013 International Festival & Events Association Haas & Wilkerson Pinnacle Awards were announced September 16th at the IFEA’s 58th Annual Convention In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Each year, the International Festivals & Events Association announces the winners of the IFEA/Haas & Wilkerson Pinnacle … Read More

Know When to Hold ‘Em – Sponsor Doc

“My event is only eight weeks out and I still don’t have all the sponsors I need. I’m getting frantic and anyone I talk to at this point tells me those budgets are gone. I’m losing sleep trying to come up with ideas of where to find the final dollars I need. What should I do at this point?” CSG … Read More

Valuing Sponsorship Opportunities

Part of my job as an event director is to sell sponsorship. I don’t mind calling people and telling them about my great festival, but I have absolutely no idea if the price I am asking for is worth it! Can you provide some insights on determining the fee of a sponsorship? E.D. Florida CSG President & CEO, Bruce Erley, … Read More

Erley Gives Best Practices in IEG Sponsorship Report

“New properties typically raise a number of red flags: Will the event be a success? Who will attend? And just as importantly, does the event organizer know how to work with sponsors?” CSG President & CEO, Bruce Erley is cited in the IEG Sponsorship Report’s “Best Practices: Selling New Events”. Click here to read the full article.

The Sponsor Doc – Bruce Erley

“While sponsorship sales is not brain surgery, it is still a daunting task for many event producers.” With more than three decades in sponsorship sales and consultation, Bruce Erley, CSG President & CEO acts as “The Sponsor Doc” in a quarterly column published by the International Festival & Events Association’s “i.e.: the business of international events” magazine. Click here to … Read More

CSG Sponsor Strategy Series: Measuring Sponsorship ROI

Title: CSG Sponsor Strategy Series: Measuring Sponsorship ROILocation: The Downtown Denver Partnership (511 16th Street, Suite 200 Denver, Colorado)Description: BY INVITATION ONLY! Sponsors are looking to generate every possible advantage from their partnerships with sponsorship properties, moving well beyond booths and banners. How do you avoid “drive-by” sponsorships where a company throws a logo and check out the window and … Read More

Sept. 21 Declared Bruce Erley Day; Staff Requests Day Off

At the 57th Annual International Festival and Events Association Conference, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock proclaims September 21st officially Bruce Erley Day; CSG staff requests the day off… annually. Bruce earned this illustrious proclamation for his years of dedication, creativity and passion for Denver’s many signature events. Bruce brings his tireless energy and knowledge to the office daily. He gladly shares … Read More

CSG Helps FirstBank Take Over Denver

One of the many things that has kept CSG busy this summer… During the summer of 2012 Creative Strategies Group worked with FirstBank to blanket Denver with a unique advertising campaign which demonstrates the potential for small business in the Denver area. Click here to read the full article.