Erley Gives Sponsorship Sales Tips in IEG Sponsorship Report

“Given the improving economy, we are going back to former sponsors we lost during the Great Recession between 2008 and 2010 to reacquaint them with the effectiveness of event marketing and our sponsorship properties.

We are making a point to “learn” our prospective sponsors’ business categories, better understand their marketing and communications objectives and best practices and address those in our pitches.

Social media activation has become a key promotional tactic for many sponsors, so we are educating ourselves in creative uses that generate meaningful engagement, provide legs to the sponsor window and provide ROI metrics.

Creative activations are now a requirement in the sales process, not fulfillment. We are including ideas in the proposal to help paint a picture of how their brand can be brought to life and that demonstrate our creativity and openness to outside-the-box thinking.”



CSG President & CEO, Bruce Erley is cited in the IEG Sponsorship Report’s “Sponsorship Sales Tips For The New Year”

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