CSG Develops Cause Marketing Campaign for Share in the Care Colorado

This coming spring you might notice the Colorado State Capitol will have scaffolding erected surrounding the gold dome so many Coloradoans are accustomed to seeing in the heart of downtown Denver. Over the years since its construction in 1908 Mother Nature has gotten the best of the dome’s cast iron superstructure and for it to be enjoyed by many generations to come the restoration has to begin now.

CSG has been engaged by Colorado Preservation, Inc., (CPI) to develop a cause marketing plan to raise $12 million from corporate and public sources.  CPI is a non-profit statewide historic preservation organization that provides assistance  to historical landmarks throughout the state.

Share in the Care Colorado is the name of CPI’s two year, statewide campaign to educate and invigorate the public, from school children to senior citizens, about our shared heritage as Coloradoans through our collective preservation of the Statehouse Dome. This is a four step initiative including a public awareness campaign (through media partnerships), corporate partners program, children’s campaign (through classroom curriculum), and a public campaign (i.e. initiatives such as “Adopting a Bolt” & “Dimes for the Dome”).

Share in the Care Colorado’s corporate partners program was built around a blend of cause marketing and corporate social responsibility. The corporate partners program was designed around the best practices utilized for the 1983 cause related marketing campaign to restore the Statue of Liberty and more recently the corporate funded restoration of the Washington Monument. It provides corporate partners the opportunity to achieve their marketing and communications objectives through the provision of tangible rights and benefits ranging from corporate social responsibility and public relations exposure to the opportunity to create transactional donation with purchase programs.

For more information on involvement with Share in the Care Colorado and how to aide in preserving the Colorado State Capitol dome please contact CSG at 303-469-7500.