Sponsorship Consultation

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Sponsorship Consultation Property Consultation (Sponsees)

CSG has consulted with dozens of property clients during the past decade, assisting them with the identification of their most sponsorsble assets, providing recommendations for changes or improvements to the property to make it more attractive and valuable and developing highly focused and actionable sponsorship packages that are properly valued and compelling to potential sponsors.

Property Audit
  • Appraisal of current sponsorship program
  • Analysis of audience
  • Strengths & weaknesses
  • Audit (Inventory) of property’s assets
  • Recommended enhancements
Sponsorship Blueprint
  • Strategic approach to sponsorhsip
  • Establishment of types and levels of sponsorship
  • Determination of Rights & Benefits
  • Packaging of assets
  • Quantifying value (Tangible & Intangible)
  • Pricing strategies
  • Sponsor targeting criteria
Corporate Consultation (Sponsors)

Many corporations know they want to effectively utilize event marketing and sponsorship, but feel ill-informed and poorly equiped to select the right property, negotiate the best terms and assure that their sponsorship is well implemented and effectively itegrated into other marketing and communications initiatives.  CSG has helped numerous companies in the development of their event marketing strategies and tactics as well as creating the metrics to determine ROI.

Activity Audit
  • Review of current marketing plan
  • Analysis of marketplace conditions
  • Review of current sponsorship/event marketing activities
  • Observations & conclusions
Integrated Sponsorship Plan
  • Purpose/Value of sponsorship in the marketing mix
  • Set critical success factors
  • Identify key audience corellaries
  • Determine quantitative & qualitative objectives
  • Create sponsorship positioning & themes
  • Implementation strategies
  • Budget & resource considerations
  • Measurement criteria