Sponsorship Activation & Field Promotions

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CSG believes that sponsorship is the medium and that activation is the message.  While many sponsors are content with “drive-by” sponsorships, where they throw a logo and check out the car as they drive by the event, CSG knows that both the sponsor and the property will be better served when promotional tactics are planned and implemented.  CSG’s staff is highly creative in helping sponsors develop unique activation activities that assure the greatest possible ROI for their sponsorships.

Implementation of Sponsorship Activities
Evaluation & Selection of Potential Properties
  • Review of existing, available properties
  • Property asset/value analysis
  • Selection of finalists
  • Property negotiation
Sponsorship Activation & Leveraging Plan
  • Review of granted rights & benefits
  • Review of Sponsor’s on-going marketing activities
  • Review of ancilary corporate activities
  • Integration strategies
  • Activation/Promotional strategies
  • Staff training/workshops
Quality Assurance Management
  • Promotional staffing and management
  • On site sales promotion and sponsorship activation
  • Property fulfillment/accountability monitoring
  • Sponsor/Property implementation consultation
  • On-site inspection & sponsorship management
Results Assessment
  • Establishment of criteria & benchmarks
  • Quantitative & qualitative review
  • Conclusions & future recommendations