Sponsor Doc: Marijuana Sponsorship – Picking Your Way Through the Weeds

Medical marijuana was recently legalized in Arizona and our organization was approached by a cannabis dispensary about sponsoring a concert we are producing. Before I take this generous offer to my board for discussion, can you provide any insights you might have about the highs (Sorry, I couldn’t resist) and lows of marijuana sponsorship? Medical and recreational marijuana have been … Read More

Best Practices: Adding Sponsorship Value

Properties need to go the extra mile to secure new partners and maintain long-term relationships. While every property defines “adding value” differently, every definition largely boils down to one common theme: going the extra mile to give sponsors—and potential partners—something extra. That can include everything from giving sponsors additional inventory at no cost to making sure an activation program resonates … Read More

Sponsor Doc: Researching Prospective Sponsors

I have asked my intern to research prospective sponsors, but so far, when I’ve assigned this task, I find that my staff doesn’t understand what I’m looking for, so it hasn’t been very helpful. I was wondering before I re-invent the wheel of coming up with a “research template,” if you had any advice or anything you could share regarding … Read More