Marketing Manager

Fun Facts
  • Justine took auto mechanics in high school and can now change her own oil and tires on any car.
  • She has attended more than 1,000 concerts to-date.
  • Thanks to her days in radio, Justine has rubbed elbows with many personalities including Kenny Chesney, Dave Chappell and Pink.
  • Justine climbed two “14ers” in one day. The two Colorado mountain peaks were Grays (14,270 ft.) and Torres (14,267 ft).

Justine Kinney has been working in the events industry in many capacities since graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. Starting her career in radio right after college, Justine has worked to secure sponsorships, organized numerous events (for profit and non-profit organizations), and managed the event process in Denver and Chicago for multiple radio groups.

Justine knows the importance of the win-win philosophy when it comes to her sponsors and clients. Choosing the best option (which may not be the easiest option) is always her go-to.

Having grown up in Denver, Justine takes advantage of being in the mountains as often as possible and enjoys spending time with her kids showing them the beauty of our state!