Denver-based Creative Strategies Group (CSG), was founded in 1995 as a full-service sponsorship and event marketing agency. We use a unique blend of innovation and strategic thinking to help our clients develop and capitalize on effective event marketing opportunities.

We consult with event producers to help identify their most sponsorable assets and develop packaging, pricing and sales strategies to attract corporate and media sponsors. For a select number of premier properties, CSG also serves as the exclusive sponsor sales representative. Further, CSG assists businesses in developing a strategic and tactical approach to sponsoring events and organizations in order to meet marketing and image-building objectives.

CSG also consults with corporate clients to achieve their marketing and communications goals through a tactical approach to event sponsorship.

Additionally, CSG creates award winning marketing campaigns for events and other business types which include an array of services such as highly specialized media planning, ad buying, public relations, new media plan and implementation, copy writing and creative development.

Creative Strategies Group is an event marketing and sponsorship consulting agency true to its name. CSG uses creativity as a problem-solving tool. We believe our clients want inventiveness and imagination to help them find effective, innovative solutions.

At the same time, CSG knows that creativity without focus, direction and strategic guidance can create artificial or short-lived results. Consequently, CSG utilizes proven marketing and communications strategies for every situation they encounter. That includes reliance on empirical data, market analysis, audience profiles, precise positioning and clear objectives.

CSG understands the value and impact of sponsorship from the perspective of both the property seeking sponsors and the businesses who want to maximize the benefits of association with events and organizations to increase awareness, establish desired identities and drive sales. CSG knows that sponsorship can and should be a win-win relationship. CSG represents some of the most notable events in the region and is well suited to connect brands with people in meaningful and memorable way.

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